"Necessity is the mother of invention."

I'm sure we've all been there: It's late in the evening and there are so many things to do before an early morning flight to yet another Eric Clapton concert. As you rush to assemble your Eric Clapton or Nathan East Head on a Stick, you make a horrible discovery: The Super Glue is all dried up.
"What can a poor boy do?"

Fortunately, I always keep a supply of Velcro, the wonder fabric of the eighties. In desperation, I applied a couple of strips. Not only did it work, but I realized that I had invented the Travelin' Head On A Stick!"

Astute viewers will note that the Nathan East Head On A Stick sustained minor damage on it's right temple and left cheek during its trip to Chicago. Obviously, I had to create a Travel Case for the Travelin' Head On A Stick.

(Note: I have since modified my technique. Only 2-3 small velcro dots are needed instead of long strips of Velcro.)

"Wallet Fly High Like A Bird Up In The Sky!"

At my local Office Depot, I found an item called a "Style Edge Document Wallet" made by Avery. For a mere $2.50, it became mine.
"Come in," she said, "I'll give you shelter from the storm"

Of course, the photographic finish of the Head may react with the plastic of the "Style Edge Document Wallet." Sheet Protectors made by Wilson Jones (not to be confused with Wilson Phillips) provide archival, acid-free storage. They are top loading, which prevents you from losing your head. A pack of 25 is $3.28 at Office Depot.
"I gotta be me!"

Finally, personalize your Travel Case. After all, nothing is worse than sitting at a concert and picking up someone else's Head On A Stick Travel Case! The handy pouch holds a business card nicely. Decals add a nice touch, especially if they make some kind of head reference. Make it as individual as you are.

What's next for the Head On A Stick?

Head On A Stick research continues. Some areas of investigation include the following:

  1. This technique has now been expanded to include travel versions of the Eric Clapton Head On A Stick and others.
  2. The Travel Version of the Head On A Stick benefits from small squares or dots of Velcro instead of the large rectangle of Velcro pictured above. Two to three on the the paper and the stick allow the Head On A Stick to be dismantled with greater ease without significant loss of stability during use.
  3. SInce the Head On A Stick can be dismantled with ease, it is possible to swap images in real time? For example, a great solo from Doyle can be rewarded by waving the a Doyle Bramhall II Head On A Stick. Then if Eric responds with an even better solo, Doyle's image could be replaced with that of Eric Clapton. You can make the band play better as they vie for positive reinforcement!
  4. Is it feasible to have two images on a single stick? A small committee formed to investigate has serious concerns that one head would be larger than another, at least in places. This might be detrimental to the photorealistic effect of the smaller head.
  5. It is now known that the Travel Case can contain more than one Travel Version of the Head On A Stick.
  6. My girlfriend has discovered that a book light with a gooseneck can make a Head On A Stick more visible in low light.
  7. Further areas of research are being conducted by Geetarz. In the interest of scientific integrety, I will not divulge details of his investigations until he is ready. This probably depends on when he gets approval from NASA...