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Pervert scoot Vet corpse rot TV torso creep So erect TV pro
Vector or pest PVC steer root TV escort rope Over crest top
Pro vet escort Poor TV secret Pest rot cover Overt spector
Servo protect Stereo TV crop Tore TV corpse Revert to cops
Cost per voter Overprotects Rover's pet cot Pot over crest
Protest cover Covet reports Vector poster Strep to cover

  • In March of 1994, The Frosh Babies (named for a "Lost in Space" episode) debuted at the Rowan Regional Medical Center Star Search Talent Show. With an inspired version of Muddy Waters' Mannish Boy, we crushed the competition. Having achieved what we set out to do, loftier goals were considered. Instead, we just returned to the tedium of daily life. But things were never quite the same...
Front Row: Cliff "Mouth-Harp Mojo" McNeely, Steve "Squealin' Pig" Proctor, Ed "E. Coli" Dunlow
Back Row: Shannon Schatten-Geist, Scott Stewart

  • This man must be stopped! He is the evil Bob Eubanks, formerly of "Newlywed Game" fame and now finding new and clever ways to torment me. He has a tenuous relationship to my sister-in-law, but the aunt who knew the connection is now deceased. So I must live with the agony of uncertainty, hoping he is not a close relative of mine, but fearing that he might be.

  • Susan Olsen, who formerly played Cindy on the Brady Bunch, was once my second cousin-in-law. When she had a baby, it was the first time I learned of a new in-law from a tabloid newspaper.

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