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  • Greetings from Salisbury, North Carolina. I'm Steve Proctor. Personal information on homepages usually bores me, so I have included only the most interesting facts. The strangest thing about this page is that all of it is true! If you actually want to know about me professionally, leave this page at once and go here.

  • I Was Born in a Crossfire Hurricane: No wait, that's someone else. Although we DID have hurricanes in Texas (Thanks RS). I began my education at Benbrook Elementary School, the first school Lee Harvey Oswald attended. A coincidence, nothing more...
A Picture of Me
Woke up this morning
Troubled by bad luck.
Got no Armani suit
Had to rent a tux!

Picture of Bonnie Raitt and Me
  • Parallel Universe Department: You may think there is only one Steve Proctor. Wrong! There is a musician in England with the same name. In an October 1996 review of the "Above The Law LP" this statement is made: "Leftfield s@$% is provided by Steve Proctor." I emailed them and said that pretty well sums me up, too.

  • Brushes with Elvis: Speaking of The King, a former Elvis bodyguard taught my Sunday School class once. As you can see, I am a great Elvis impersonator because of little details like the doughnut. Shortly after this photograph was taken, the guitar suffered unspeakable damage. If you're going to ride a unicycle, leave your guitar at home!

A Wonderful Picture of Me

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