Cream, Madison Square Garden, October 26, 2005

These pictures were taken in Section 3, Row C. Click on the small picture for a larger version. The name of the file contains the date and time of the photograph. For example, 2004_0605_191229AA.JPG would have been taken on June 5, 2004, at 12 minutes and 29 seconds after 7 PM Eastern time.

I used a digital camera (Fujifilm FinePix 4700) with no flash. The resolution is 85%. Unlike previous pictures I have uploaded, these keep their original size of 1280 by 960 pixels. Still, if you want a higher resolution photo (for example, to print a picture) please email me. Be sure to mention the file name of the picture you want. Or at least, it's webpage and location on that page. Hope you like them!

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Mayer,
a Star File photographer

Jeffrey Mayer usually photographs
better known individuals!