These instructions are modified from Sam's original instructions. Now you, the home viewer, can make your own Eric Clapton Head On A Stick. The page has been expanded to include the Heads of more of our friends.

Eric Clapton

Doyle Bramhall, II

Derek Trucks

Robert Randolph

Robert Randolph's
Detachable Hat

Nathan East

Steve Winwood

2010 EC
Head Part 1

2010 EC
Head Part 2

EC Cellphone
On a Stick

Jeff Beck

  1. I use an old program called ACDSee 32 v2.4 to print off images. When you print, you are first given a "Print Setup" screen. Change the margins to zero, change "size" to "Fit to Page," check "Maintain Aspect Ratio," set "Resolution" to 1200 and choose the center pane under "Position."
  2. Download picture and print out in lifesize head dimensions. I believe I used a height of 7 inches for the cellphone, but I'm not sure.
  3. Spray posterboard with aerosol adhesive and place paper print out on posterboard. Allow a few minutes to dry. Note: be generous with the adhesive, as you don't want to have long-term maintenance problems.
  4. Carefully cut out head, taking special care to cut out each nook and cranny of haircut for more realism (per mrs. mangs88).
  5. Use super glue or pieces of velcro to attach a paint stick onto the back (k-mart standard issue or others). You're done!!
  6. A tongue depressor works better than a paint stick for the Eric Clapton Cellphone On A Stick. I include the hand with the cellphone and be sure that the cellphone is attached to the stick at a jaunty angle.
  7. Holding it in front of your face, display it to passing cars as you drive to the show, walk around local bars and order drinks with it (it gets you better service from the bartenders, and if i wasnt married, OHHHH the phone #'s/addresses i could get to make sure a fellow fan gets one in the future), walk around the arena with it, and if you get really good seats, make sure the band sees it. also great to locate your friends with after the show.
  8. If using the Robert Randolph Detachable Hat, a small piece of velcro on the top of the head and the back of the hat is helpful.
  9. If making a Derek Trucks Head On A Stick, please follow these additional instructions for making the Detachable Ponytail. First, buy a 10 yard pack of nylon yarn as illustrated in the first picture. Wal-Mart sells them. Then, fold the yarn until the length is right. Use one cable tie to secure the strands and form a loop. Pass another cable tie through the loops and fasten it loosely. See the second picture. Velcro can be used to attach the cable tie to the back of the Head. Cut the other ends. As illustrated in the third picture, the nylon ends can be burned with a lighter or candle to prevent fraying. Kids: Don't play with fire! Get your parents to help!