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How can I contact Eric Clapton?
Please, for the love of God and everything that is holy, stop asking me this. PLEASE! I do not know how to contact Eric Clapton. In fact, I do not even know who his manager is anymore.

Another website reports that this address can be used:

Mr. Eric Clapton
c/o Reprise Records
The Warner Building
28 Kensington Church Street
London W8 4EP

Is it true that Clapton will no longer be touring?
This comes up from time to time. In the February, 2003, issue of Guitar Player Clapton said "I'll probably go out in dribs and drabs, but I don't think I can do big tours anymore." This is a bit softer than the statement he made in Rolling Stone in the midst of his 2001 tour that spanned one year and four continents.

Then, in 2006 and 2007, he did a huge world tour...

I personally thought Paul McCartney had a good idea (see the Queen's Jubilee concert). By going out for two months, he keeps if "fresh." Of course, Clapton has not asked my opinion.

When will Eric Clapton be in concert in my area?
The best bet for Clapton and other concerts is

Are you Eric Clapton?
I am NOT Eric Clapton. I'm just a fan like you.

How can I contact the Crossroads Centre?
Here's where you can find information about the Crossroads Centre in Antigua. I have reproduced an early brochure and I have it at this address:

But a better bet is their official website: Their website has the following contact information:

Willoughby Bay, P.O. Box W219
Woods Centre, Antigua, West Indies
Tel: (268) 562 0035. Fax: (268) 562 0036

U.S.A. & Canada:
Tel: 1 888 452 0091 or 1 949 829 8803

United Kingdom:
Tel: 0800 783 9631
Europe: Tel: 011 44 1275 847187
Caribbean & Tel: 1 268 562 0035

Rest of the World

U.S. Press Contact:
Crossroads at Antigua Foundation
c/o Vendely Communications, Inc.
12722 Riverside Drive #106
Valley Village
California, 91607, USA
Tel: 1 818 623 1000
Fax: 1 818 623 1881

U.K. Press Contact:
Barbara Brown
Tel: 0800 783 9631

Where can I find the lyrics to a particular song?
There is a lyric archive at with a mirror at

Where can I find the tabulature to a particular song?
Try the tab archive at or

Is there a better FAQ than this one?
Try the Eric Clapton FAQ located at

OK, you've been very patient. Thanks for reading reading this FAQ. Here's my email address. But be sure to omit the underscores, which I hope will keep robots from finding my email address from my website code: