Larry King Live

This page was originally created for Carol, a Slowhand Digest member from Tucson, Arizona. On February 12, 1998, she got through on the Larry King Live show and was able to ask Eric Clapton a question. Imagine that! I'm on a first name basis with someone who was on a first name basis with Eric Clapton! Here's her 229 KB question.

But after I created this page, I found out that the caller from Madison, Wisconsin, is Steve, another Slowhand Digest member! Out of only five questions from callers, two came from Slowhand Digest members. Who says life ain't fair? So, in the interest of equal time, here is his 295 KB question.

Those interested in the complete interview can find it here. There is also a short article. The picture to the right is unrelated, but click on it for a larger version that makes great wallpaper.