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Just in time for Valentine's Day, right?

Okay, it's my story to tell, so here it is.

It begins this way. No photos allowed at RAH. Hubby ( takes photos anyway because he didn't see the sign. Gets camera confiscated. Wife (me) goes with him after the show to retrieve it.

The EC Head On A Stick Wearing
The Hat That Jeff Beck Coveted

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We're standing in this corridor (four of us) when Jeff Beck walks by with two friends with groovy haircuts and a person I think is Dee Snider of Twisted Sister (who turns out to be his girlfriend - hey, I'm old with the eyesight to prove it). I say to him, "Hey, Jeff" and he replies something along the line of the Brit equivalent to "What's up?" (maybe "What, luv?" or maybe even "... off" or whatever, I didn't quite catch it).

I said, "I'm going to see your show at the Warfield in San Francisco next month" which was a big, bad lie (I live outside Memphis). He said, "Oh, yeah? Well, then, when you come to the show, wear that 'at. I like that 'at." (He liked my hat).

The EC Head On A Stick Back
In The Hotel After Its Adventure

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I said, "No, I won't be wearing this hat, but I WILL be bringing THIS!" And I held up my Eric head-on-a-stick, my arm straight out, directing Eric's gaze directly at the baffled Beck. Jeff's head-on-a-stick (he's skinny, you know) said to me, "No, no, don't do that!" and he made that little cross with your fingers that you make when you're trying to ward off the devil spirits and hope they don't come any closer. Eric Head-On-A-Stick became VooDoo Eric. My husband says that Jeff then made a comment about putting his own head on a stick, but I didn't hear it. Anyway, I had a little fun with ol' Jeffers, and he with me, and that's my story. How'd you like it?
After this story appeared in Slowhand Digest #38, Mark had the twisted idea of what Jeff would have looked like had she GIVEN him the hat. Simon Mullins made Mark's idea a reality.
Jeff Beck Wearing The Hat
That Jeff Beck Coveted

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