The New York Head DVD

You Won't Find This One At Netflix

Sometimes, my interesting life experiences, odd sense of humor and interest in technology collide. Occasionally, these forces unite in the production of homemade DVDs that are only seen by a a few friends and family. For example, after the 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival, I noticed that Sam, Ron, the Heads on a Stick and I were frequently seen in the DVD. Then I counted the appearances. Finally, I put all the appearances together in a huge incohesive mess that I called "I'm So Vain I Probably Think This DVD Is About Me." The trailer can be seen on YouTube.

Later, I immortalized the Heads' visit to New York with a DVD called New York Head. Since the Eliot Spitzer scandal was fresh news, I exploited his troubles for my cover art:

I already had some material such as the television appearances described elsewhere. But I had to come up with more. I wondered what the conversations between Clapton and Winwood were like. Did they make a concious decision to do so many Hendrix songs? Did other musicians offer their services? What did Clapton and Winwood say to each other when they saw the Heads On A Stick?

Thus, Head On A Stick Playhouse was born:

Ginger Baker Head On A
Stick offers his services

Derek and Doyle Head
On A Stick try in vain to
be additional guitarists

Will Robert Randolph
Head On A Stick be
the warm up act?

The grand finale. You'll
laugh, you'll cry, you
may even throw up