Head On A Stick DVD Appearances

When You Buy These DVDs, You Are Paying For A Little Head

It is with great satisfaction that I note that the Heads on a Stick have been featured in Clapton's last two DVDs. First and foremost was the 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival. Sam and I rushed to our positions in front of the stage. We spent the day displaying various Heads on a Stick, taking photographs of celebrities and being photographed by a celebrity! Oh yeah, we listened to some music, too.

To see the Heads on a Stick in their full glory with that surround sound that the young people seem to like so much, please buy the DVD. A few Head shots can also be seen in the trailer for "I'm So Vain I Probably Think This DVD Is About Me," a DVD I made for a few friends. In it, I meticulously reproduced every DVD appearance of me, Sam, Ron, and the Heads on a Stick. This probably explains why I don't have many friends. Here are some of the Head's favorite screenshots and photographs:

Sam, Ron and EC Head
on a Stick before the festival

Same in action as
the festival begins

The rarely seen Derek
Trucks Head on a Stick
with Detachable Ponytail

This is like "Where's Waldo"
Hint - look near the bottom
of the screen

The Robert Randolph
Head On A Stick with
Removable Hat.

The Robert Randolph
Head On A Stick with and
without the Removable Hat.

The Heads also were
featured on the webcast

The Doyle Bramhall II
Head on a Stick

Albert Lee, Eric Clapton,
Sheryl Crow and the
EC Head on a Stick

You can't convince me that
this was not intentionally
included in the DVD!

Another perspective of
the three guitarists'
Heads on a Stick

The Sam Imposter is seen
in the lower left corner

While less visible, careful study of the Clapton/Winwood "Live from Madison Square Garden" DVD reveals that they are indeed featured. In fact, footage from both nights that they appeared is included. The first two screenshots are from February 26, 2008. I was much closer to the stage on February 28, as seen in the third and fourth screenshots. Close enough to be noticed by Clapton & Winwood!