Head Tales:

Early stories of EC Heads On A Stick

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Slowhand Digest #139:

From Mark: I HAVE AN EC HEAD ON A STICK!!!! Yes, EC fans, it's true, at the pre show get together I was presented with an OFFICIAL "EC Head on a Stick" by Sam Mangano, and to those of you who think you are so special because you have them ... MINE IS SIGNED!!! So there!

Slowhand Digest #140:

From Mark: I cruised into town and got situated, and had great fun walking about with my EC HEAD ON A STICK and getting lots of stares and waves.... I tried to get down there to find out who it was but was rebuffed as I didn't have a floor ticket, not even my coveted EC HEAD ON A STICK got me down there!

From Sam: anyways, everyone enjoyed their heads on a stick, as did many fans in the bar and around the arena. nathan got a chuckle again, too. shook lee dicksons hand b4 the show. he asked if EC knew about the heads. i said no, and would he like to give EC one? he politely mentioned he would prefer not to be seen waving one backstage, sort of the same response i got from tour manager peter jackson in london (some brits just dont get my sense of humor i guess-tony edser and bluescrazy dave excluded). more on the heads later... my personal highlight was dancing with the mrs to WT (the only ones doing so as far as i could see), and then we saw ourselves on the video screen! if that wasnt enuff, we snuck up to the front from our sixth row seats during layla when security was dealing with some people behind us, and another camera guy put us up again with the heads on a stick on the screen. needless to say, a lot of people were looking to buy the heads after the show. unfortunately for them, they only go to true fans from the digest i have the pleasure of meeting in my travels.

Slowhand Digest #141:

From Mark: There were of course a number of EC "Heads on a Stick" being waved about in the audience, Nathan spotted them early on and started to laugh. We met up with Sam and crew at a pub before the show and Sam had to decline MANY requests for heads on a stick. My moment of glory came when coming out of the men's room prior to EC's set, I had my Head on a Stick in my vest pocket at eye height and some bloke coming around the corner with his head down looked up right into EC's face "Excuuuusee ME!!!" if I only had a picture of the look on his face when he thought he was running into EC. Worth the entire trip right there, the guy about fainted.

Slowhand Digest #142:

From Tony: Ps. What do I do with a "head on stick" now, does it require any maintenance, and is it possible to teach it to talk?

Slowhand Digest #143:

From Fabio: We'll need some EC heads on sticks down here in Brazil!!!!!! Mark, I have an extra-vacancy for your car in the garage in case you decide to drive from US to Brazil.

From Mark: As if to cap off the evening, I asked Lee for a pick, and trying to be a little lighthearted given the problems he'd been having, asked him if he wanted my "EC head on a Stick" ... his reply, "not in a million f-----g years". Hmmmm, maybe if I made him an EC dartboard that might go over better, I made myself one with a picture of my boss and it's much cheaper than therapy.

Slowhand Digest #156:

From Mark: We decided not to take our "heads on a stick" into the show but they did get us good parking - pulled into a "reserve" lot next to the venue by mistake and were asked if we had a pass, one of our party said "no, but we have one of THESE does this count?" - they said "heck, you are so funny you can park here!"