The Poetry Corner

Once a pun a midnight clear,
an Eric "Head on a Stick" did appear.
Held aloft by Sam at the Half Moon Pub,
the only place where one could join the exclusive club.
Coveted by Beck, envied by all,
glanced at longingly by those in the hall.
Mark journeyed to Columbus, not to see Eric THE MAN,
but to get his own head on a stick from SAM!
Now armed with a head on a stick Mark paces the floor,
bringing forth giggles galore!
From Nathan, from Andy, a supressed giggle,
not quite laughter as the head on a stick doesn't wiggle.
EC smirks and pretends to ignore,
the silliness his fans have in store.
Perhaps one day the band will behold
a theater full of heads on a stick, ten thousand fold!

Mark Deavult <>
Church View, VA USA - Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 02:14:57 (EDT)