Eric Clapton-Greensboro '74

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By the time the concert was almost over, most of us down front knew Pete Townshend was there because he had spent a good bit of the show standing off to the left of the stage watching his friend. When Clapton returned for the encore, he introduced Townshend (to thunderous applause,) and then Townshend ripped off the intro to "Layla" and the place went COMPLETELY nuts. Townshend was not particularly animated during the song, possibly due to concentrating on the intricate guitar demands of "Layla," and also possibly in an attempt to not upstage Clapton. At any rate, Townshend did do one of his famous back-to-the-audience split/leaps to end the song and the show.

What a night...

Clapton introduces Pete Townshend to the crazed crowd

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