The Glue Page

Here, Eric Troutman holds my son, who is named for him. He is an OB-GYN doctor, although I think he could have a more lucrative career as a William Kennedy Smith imitator.

But it wasn't always this way. Once Eric was an engineer for the Eastman Chemical Company. His crowning achievement was drawing and writing part of the instructions for Eastman 910 Adhesive. Specifically, he drew and wrote the part between "Opening the Tube" and "Surface Preparation:"

In Eric's own words, "The glue was a good product, but it failed in the market. It was expensive to make, and never received good consumer acceptance. It seems that nobody could figure out how to open the tube..."

In February of 1998, Eric saw Susan Sarandon in the American Museum of Natural History. That would never happen to me, because you wouldn't catch me dead in a stuffy old museum. And while this encounter has nothing to do with the theme of the Glue Page, it just seemed a terrible shame to let this picture go to waste.

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