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The Seventies:
An Oasis in the Desert of Disco

 Slowhand Digest Information

This mailing list for discussion of Eric Clapton and his music was started by John Vanderpool and is currently maintained by Dave Hillman. These instructions are provided for the convenience of members and potential members.

To Subscribe or Unsubscribe:
To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to

Send Slowhand mailing list submissions to

Contacting The List Administrator:
You can reach the person managing the list at

Acceptable Topics for the List (Old info that still seems appropriate):

"Acceptable topics within this scope are surprisingly many, so I won't try to provide a list. Rather, I'll specify an exclusion list of inappropriate content and/or behavior."

"Once you're on the list, one thing I'll ask is that you don't redistribute messages carried by this list without explicit permission from the author(s) of the message(s). Please respect others' intellectual property rights as though they were your own, since they are."

Unofficial logo courtesy of Cheryl Donatto

"Absolutely *NO* chain letters, "virus" alerts, cookie recipes, or pleas for postcards for dying children will be tolerated on this list. If there isn't some tie to Eric Clapton or related concepts, don't send it to this list. Public service messages such as I mentioned above are regarded as junk by many readers, and are normally untrue, to boot."

"Also, no commercial advertisements should be sent to the list. This isn't meant to exclude personal, once-off "for sale" items or recommendations or criticism of commercially available products, just please don't expect to run your business through this list."

"Violation of either of these last two policies will result in prompt unsubscription."

For Slowhand Archive Retrieval (Old info that may or may not still work):
Send a message to with the Subject: archive. In the body of the message, include the archive commands. If at any time you need help, use the subject 'archive help'. This archive server knows the following commands:

Lines starting with a '#' are ignored. Multiple commands per mail are allowed. Setting maxfiles to zero will remove the limit (to protect you against yourself no more than maxfiles files will be returned per request). Egrep supports most common flags. If you append a non-standard signature, you should use the quit command to prevent the archive server from interpreting the signature.

Examples (Old info that may or may not still work):

The first example will send you the list of digests available from volume 96. The second will retrieve volume 96 number 12. The third searches all the volume 96 digest for "some.word".

It is important that you use the subject "archive", otherwise the archive server will not process the request, and you will not receive your file(s).

End Instructions

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