Monday was a day for sightseeing in Hollywood. And of course, I attended another Eric Clapton concert...

Spiderman, Spiderman
Uses his Head
Like a Fan!
How did he do such amazing stunts . . . with such little feet?"
At Mann's Chinese Theater. We didn't go inside because Sam Head On A Stick and Mark Head On A Stick don't speak Chinese.
Does everyone have a star on the Walk Of Fame?
Apparently so!
Wouldn't these make lovely postcards?
Sharing a shake and fries at Johnny Rocket. The guy beside me at the counter was so amused that he took a picture of me taking a picture of the Heads On A Stick!
The final destination.
Unfortunately, Mark Head On A Stick and Sam Head On A Stick had to stay outside. For one thing, the concert was completely sold out. For another, Robert Randolph Head On A Stick is still upset that they stole his hat!

Will we see Sam Head On A Stick and Mark Head On A Stick again? Time will tell...