As many of you know, Sam invented the Eric Clapton Head On A Stick. Mark help popularize it on his 2001 Geetarz World Tour. Isn't it time for Sam and Mark to get a little Head of their own??

So let's join the boys as they travel from Greensboro to San Francisco and then find their way to San Jose...

With heightened security, I was somewhat afraid of "acting in a suspicious manner." However, airport security had already hand-searched my luggage. It seemed to me that airport security was OK with Heads On A Stick.

On the way home, airport security again hand searched my luggage. Apparently, airport security is OK with Heads On A Stick, but suspicious of grown men that carry them into airports.

Here are Mark Head On A Stick and Sam Head On A Stick on the plane from Greensboro To Dallas. The flight attendant asked them if they wanted headphones to hear the movie. Mark Head On A Stick replied "Only if you have a DAT of the Philly show." She seemed dazed and confused and no doubt called airport security.
"Last Minute" flight and hotel to California: $415
Ground transportation: $250
Making your friend look like a deranged midget: Priceless!
OLE! I finally persuaded the store owners to let me take this picture. By the way, what does "loco burro hombre" mean?
Sam wanted to try on clothes, too. At first, I thought his tastes were more conservative...
...apparently, I was wrong.

Anyday now, Sam will arrive on my doorstep, stomp a mudhole in me and then splash all the water out.

A bit of ugliness to report: I caught Sam Head On A Stick and Mark Head On A Stick in the bathroom of the plane from Dallas to San Francisco. I have no idea what they were doing in there....
Backstage in San Jose on July 30. This picture involved risk for both Nathan and me. He has a reputation to maintain. He also has a wife who is licensed to practice medicine in California and can commit me.
This picture was not entirely successful because my arms were not long enough. Still, it portrays Sam Head On A Stick and Mark Head On A Stick swaying to the sound of "Wonderful Tonight" with the band playing in the background.